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Uganda (pony) – Dark Roast

Pony: A Magical Journey of Flavor and Motivation

Uganda, Pony – 12 oz bag whole bean

Welcome to the enchanting world of Klekolo World Coffee, and let us introduce you to our mesmerizing Pony.

This 12 oz bag of whole bean goodness differs from your average coffee cup. Pony is a high-caffeine coffee grown in the captivating Kasese region of Uganda.

What sets Pony apart?

Pony comes from a small woman-owned coop that cherishes the art of coffee-making. Carefully hand-selecting coffee beans from smaller farms growing at an elevation of 1400 – 1900 msl. These Woman-owned small farms take special tender love and care with each bean.

These farms thrive under lush shade cover. Shade-grown coffee supports local bird habitats, and other animals, helping endangered birds and animals by giving them places to call home.

Here’s where the magic truly happens! 

Pony is a robusta coffee bean, yet it is grown and treated like a spoiled arabica bean. With double the caffeine of regular coffee, this majestic brew will awaken your senses and transport you to a world of remarkable flavors.

Coffee NOTES

Close your eyes and sip on Pony’s rich chocolate taste, beautifully adorned with delicate hints of cinnamon notes. Our Pony’s dark roast profile is surprisingly flavorful and packed with intensity.

Green coffee beans

More than a Coffee 

Pony is more than a coffee; it’s a powerful ally ready to accompany you on your daily quests.

Say goodbye to sluggish mornings and embrace the energizing motivation that Pony brings into your life. Experience the wonder of a highly motivational brew that ignites your spirit and fuels your dreams.

Allow Pony to be your trusted companion, delivering the enchantment of exceptional coffee straight to your cup.

Brew up a little miracle, Choose a Pony coffee, and get motivated.

The adventure starts with that very first sip.

 Cover Photo by Al Kim



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