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Pumpkin Spice Coffee

☕ Introducing Our Pumpkin Spice Coffee! 🎃

Are you ready to enjoy a flavor that captures the essence of autumn?

Our Pumpkin Spice Coffee is here to delight your senses!

🍂 Medium Roast Elegance 🍂 Experience the perfect balance of flavors with our medium roast Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Crafted with precision, this blend showcases the natural nuances of Nicaraguan and Peruvian beans, creating a truly remarkable coffee experience.

Organic Fairtrade Perfection ✨ We believe in responsible sourcing, which is why our Pumpkin Spice Coffee is both organic and Fairtrade certified. Enjoy the rich, aromatic flavors guilt-free, knowing you support sustainable coffee farming practices.

🎃 Naturally Flavored Bliss 🎃 Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of autumn with each sip. Our coffee is infused with the spicy goodness of a freshly baked pumpkin pie, accentuated by subtle notes of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. It’s like the essence of a cozy fall day in a cup!

🌟 Limited-Time Exclusive 🌟 Don’t miss your chance to savor this seasonal sensation!  Pumpkin Spice Coffee is available for a limited time, so seize the opportunity to indulge in fall flavors while they last.

Experience the magic of autumn. Order your 1/2 lb of whole beans today, or specify ground if you prefer. Hurry, because this delectable delight won’t be around forever!

🛒 Add to Cart Now and Brew Up Autumn! 🍁

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 7 in