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Beautiful Organic Arabica Blue Mountain trees.

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Coffee beansphoto by Young N.

On Monday Morning 7/29/19

Klekolo is releasing a

Very special Haitian coffee.

There is only 5 pounds of this it will go quick!

In 2012 we helped buy some coffee tree seeds.

Once upon a time a Coffee house participated in a donation project to plant organic coffee trees in Haiti.

The seeds were planted in a high elevation nursery and lived there untill they became big enough to produce fruit.  At this point the coffee tree met a farmer and through the project farmers in need got to bring these beautiful trees to their plots of land high on a tropical mountain 12oom.

Over the years these little seeds grew into beautiful Organic Arabica Blue Mountain trees (bushes really). These plants made friends with other plants Cacao and Banana trees became their close friends. Birds nested and raised their young in their branches and occasionally those birds would eat the coffee berries and fly really fast.

After some time they produced gorgeous cherries and the farmer harvested the cherries. He picked the cherries and layed them out to dry. this is a very old natural drying process it leaves the cherry on the bean to ferment bringing out a sweetness from the bean.

Klekolo has been part of this project for the past 7 years.

These are the first fruited plants since we have participated.

We are very excited to share this with you!

 Our Roaster brought out a balanced sweet note of stone-fruit and mild apricot undertones while maintaining the smooth island profile of the haitian bean.

Smooth and Bright in your cup!

See you Monday Morning for Coffee!



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