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A Perfect Day

A few days ago, I experienced a series of fortunate events. I would be remiss not to give credit to my morning cup of coffee, made at the finest coffee shop in Middletown. I got my medium single brew Wonderbrew and sat down with the usual suspects. In walked two of the newest characters in the purple walled sanctuary. A tall unassuming dad/artist and his sweet and serious tall baby girl. Always a treat. We sat and talked about art and tall baby’s slinkster cool shades. Dad/Artist invites me to go to Kidcity (basically a Klekolo but for children, their own colorful sanctuary). Well, I say yes obviously. It was a dream and a privilege. I like to think of Kidcity as an art museum for kids. The old and the young all delighting in the simplicity and creativity. Watching the little tall slinkster running around and laughing, taking to the role of our leader and guide effortlessly. Al the while artist/dad is speaking like a gentle muse. It was a holy moment. It ended, there was warm goodbyes and now I’m back at my car with every intent of going home. But the Sun was so yellow and warm, and I was drawn to a black metal chair in front of Kles. So I let my body lead the way.  I sat there with my eyes closed, enjoying the warmth and sounds of Court street. Suddenly I hear a familiar, “hey!” I opened my eyes, and what a surprise! This glowing angel is smiling in front of me. An angel with a violin, neatly trimmed beard, with wild, wide, ocean eyes. He updated me on what he’s been up to, what orchestras he was playing with, all the teaching he’s doing- I was mesmerized. Listening to him was like sitting on a beach. Made my soul float. You end up meeting some of the best people at that coffee shop on Court street.

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