The winter storm of February 2013 is one for the record books. The blizzard dumped over 30 inches of snow on Connecticut. But did that stop Klekolo World Coffee from being open? Heck no!

Our brave crew of baristas came in every day during the storm to serve coffee to Middletown emergency responders and crews wanting a hot cup of coffee while dealing with the storm.

Court Street was undriveable until Sunday where it was carved out to a single lane. Parking was available via the Liberty Bank lot and even the parking garage was free for those bold enough to venture out in the snow.

Check out these pictures for the blizzard of 2013. Rest assured the Klekolo will remain open through any calamity, ready to serve a cup to those who need it.



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We are dedicated to serving extreamly high quality coffee! Organic, Fair trade. We have 8 different Roasters and source our coffee from the best. Our espresso is smooth and flavorful, balanced and full-bodied, with luscious thick crema. If you have not tried us believe me you want to! Organic, Fairtrade and woman owned since 1994


alexcooper89 · March 6, 2013 at 7:16 pm

As a Klekolo regular, I would love to see you review this place!

    alexcooper89 · March 6, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Disregard my above comment!

    I thought this post was from my friend’s restaurant review blog since it was on my news feed.


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