Come enjoy listening to Zach Andersen

Zach Andersen is performing at Klekolo World Coffee May 21st what a great talent!

Zach Andersen Just released a new single called “Breathe IN the Air”

a wonderful piece sharing Zach’s writing skills and accompaniment vocals by Kala Farnham.

Check out
for more information, lyrics, setlists, videos, and so much more!
Above Photo By: Greg Horowitz

Zach has several writing and recording projects including:

a children’s album, 3 EPs, and multiple singles.

When Zach is not in the studio, you can find him performing intimate, acoustic shows or the rare, full band set.

I fell in love with this song “Spend my Life”

Featuring Zach, Joshua Carruthers, Jeff Moro, Eric Andersen & Lucy Isabel.

Produced by Nathan Sage and Mastered by Dan Coutant.

Released Jan. of 2018.

This AMV created by Zach Andersen too!

More on his youtube channel.

Zach has quite a few singles and albums out you can find them here on band camp.

Keep your eyes out for this talented Musician, well worth catching a show!

See what Zach is doing @

Zach Andersen Music

Zach @ Facebook

Zach’s Instagram




Zach is @ Klekolo World Coffee

May 21st – 7 pm. – 9 pm

See you at the show!

~ Yvette

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