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What a wonderful day for coffee. Klekolo today was the “place to be.” It started off slow, quiet. The usual lively crowd wasn’t there, and I felt a little out of place. It was okay though, because the warmth from my coffee was plenty company. Familiar faces started to float in, each of them ripe […]

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Caffeinated Perspective

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring, I think. Most people look to the flowers popping up, the birds singing, and overall warmth as signs that the seasons have changed. Me? I know it’s Spring when I sit outside of my favorite coffee shop, sipping on a medium black coffee whilst and array of ageless […]

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Have you heard Andrew Biagiarelli’s new Album?

VAGABOND is an expression of Andrew’s experiences, travels and life. Andrew BIagiarelli’s first studio album, VAGABOND was recorded at Dirt Floor Recording Studios high above the Connecticut River in Haddam, CT. The depth of story and fullness of sound in this collection of songs, Vagabond, brought me the urge to jump in the car roll […]

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The Modifieds Tour & New Album

The MODIFIEDS  are local Connecticut musicians who formed their band in December of 2014. Over the past 4 years, they have evolved into an indie rock band. The MODIFIEDS just release “People you can count on” which can be found on their  Spotify page Buy yourself a copy of “People you can count on” On […]

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Light on the Horizon Art Show

Light on the Horizon Art Show exhibiting at Klekolo through the month of April. Opening event April 4th 6:30 pm.

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