Coffee Timeline ~ Klekolo Style By Hollie Rose

The Discovery of Coffee by Hollie Rose When? Circa 850 BC. Where? An area of the world we now call Ethiopia. The Legend: A lowly goatherd named Kaldi awoke from his nap one afternoon to find his charges frolicking and dancing about. The goats were eating red berries off a nearby bush. Intrigued by theContinue reading “Coffee Timeline ~ Klekolo Style By Hollie Rose”

Birthday coming up quick… Photo Thanks to Al KIM Klekolo – pronounced clay-ko-lo. Klekolo is from the Minianka language of Mali. Klekolo means A system of rules to live by for peace and harmony in the world. The word Klekolo was introduced to Hollie through the writings of Yaya Diallo. Klekolo resonated with Hollie in such a strongContinue reading “Birthday coming up quick…”