Ethiopian Kirite Guji – Natural – light roast



Ethiopian Kirite Guji – 1/2 lb

Light roast

Organic Fairtrade

Just south of the African Great Rift Valley is where you’ll find Kirite, in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia.

This coffee is grown at 1900-2200 meters.

It is cured by a Wet fermentation, washed, overnight soak, 14-day African raised bed drying.

This Ethiopian Coffee comes from METAD.

METAD is located in Ethiopia’s Guji zone, near a kebele (small region) called Kirite, METAD is on the forefront of joining state of the art coffee quality control practices with the longstanding Ethiopian tradition of top tier coffee farming.

This cup shares a sweet fruit jam and cocoa taste.

Additional information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 7 in


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