“Shells”, A beautiful art exhibit by AL Kim.

Al Kim is our featured Artist through August.

Al has led a varied life of things most folks rarely see.

He was in the US Army and a Middletown Police Officer.

Being retired, Al has a new career at

Eastern Connecticut State University

because he has two kids to put through college.

AK Shell

Spiral shell by AK

Amid these intense careers, he has leaned toward the finer things in life and has been exposed to it in a variety of settings.

AL’s varied tastes and life experiences show through his photograph.

This work is through the eyes of a Man who has seen too much yet still can see beauty. The exhibit “Shells” reflects the calm Al seeks in his mind.

Do stop in and view this beautiful exhibit.


You can find Al on Facebook here

You can also find Al on Flickr

He does beautiful work!

~ Yvette

It feels like Middletown and Klekolo are awakening to summertime.

sunrise on court street
Sunrise at Klekolo

Klekolo is returning to regular hours on June 1st and in the foreseeable future.

Monday – Thursday 6:30 am – 10 pm

Friday & Saturday 6:30 am – 12 am

Sunday 7 am – 7 pm

You can always have beans delivered to order here.

While I write this sitting outside at Klekolo, I feel a cool breeze blowing down Court street, floating the humidity away.

I see a few folks sitting on the Church steps near all of First Churches’ beautiful flowers.

A shimmery butterfly blue and black floats by on the breeze,

squirrels run across the street, and a few turkey vultures land on the bank roof.

I can hear the birds in the park and the hum of Middletown in action.

Yes, we are waking up!

*** Thank you so much for

helping to keep us open! ***

We hope to see you downtown and at our little oasis on Court street!

CT Best Of Hartford
Klekolo Love


May, Klekolo, Life, Spring 2020

Welcome to May 2020

Things are well not “fixed” but we are all coping and moving forward in our own ways.

Regardless of anything, spring has sprung, and plants are blooming. The Magnolia on court street is always so gorgeous! Even the trees have finally joined the riot, and the leaves are emerging as we speak. Spring is always a magical time. If these things have not picked your spirits up, then go outside. Sit on the ground, hug a tree listen to the birds embrace the rain. It does help!


Here at Klekolo, we are serving coffee and some pretty amazing pastries.

Middletown as a whole is looking pretty different these days, empty sidewalks, fewer people, and closed businesses. We are all weathering this differently. In some ways, this is inspiring; obviously, we are, as a society, determined to flatten the curve. We are not out of the water. We all need to take it upon ourselves to be aware and safe. As we emerge from isolation, please be compassionate and friendly to each other.

We may have outside seating by June if things go well this month. With more businesses opening and more people emerging, please keep your safety protocol in place. Personal space of 6 ft, a mask if closer than that, wash your hands often, and do not cough, sneeze or spit on people. Common sense goes a long way use it.

Connecticut has a website with all the Covid current Info


Klekolo in Spring

(Seating won’t look like this but will be 6ft apart)

We are looking forward to seeing more of you and hope our community is doing well!

At the moment Klekolo is take away only

No more than 3 people in the room at a time.

You can Phone in your order pick it up or set up curbside pickup.


Our hours for now are

MONDAY – SATURDAY 6:30 am – 8pm

SUNDAY  7am _ 7pm

We also have coffee available on our website.

PayPal or a check and delivered by USPS.

  • Some coffee is not listed you can email Klekolo at
  • Klekolo@gmail.com and ask what else we have.

Take care of yourself and do the best you can with everything else.

Best wishes from all of us! Be well.

Hello from Klekolo World Coffee

Hello Everyone, We hope you are doing ok during all of this.

We miss you!!

Like all of us, Klekolo is affected by Covid -19.

Thankfully we are doing ok.

We are doing all we can to keep it that way.

Cleaning, bleaching, and social distancing is our current mantra.

We are open for take away only.

3 customers allowed in at a time.

You can call ahead 860-343-9444 for pickup.

Open 6:30am – 8pm Mon-Sat

Open 7am – 7pm on Sunday


We also have coffee available on our website.

PayPal or a check and delivered by USPS.

  • Some coffee is not listed you can email Klekolo at
  • Klekolo@gmail.com and ask what else we have
  • I will be listing coffees and taking them off  the site daily

Take care of yourself and do the best you can with everything else.

Best wishes from all of us! Be well.

Yvette, Rick, Mike, Liana, Will, Kayla, and Martin

February at Klekolo World Coffee!


This February Klekolo Features 3 of the Artists from Clockwork Tattoo & Art Gallery.

So awesome to have these talented folks work on our walls!

Come pick up some prints or original artwork

from the Clockwork Tattoo & Art Gallery crew!!

(Clockwork Tattoo & Art Gallery Middletown)


Jeff Mansolf (insta: @jeffmansolf )

Leo Gonzalez (insta: @lagonzart ) 

Cory Koomoa (insta: @capturedkreativity)

February 18th Tuesday at 7 pm.

Jedd  Chlebowski

Live solos Bass!

Jedd Chlebowski is a bassist with a career spanning 30 plus years. He has played in rock and jazz bands and in orchestras and musicals.

He plays 4, 5, 6, string electric fretted and fretless basses as well as an upright bass.

Jedd has performed in multiple genres throughout the northeast as well as on tour in the mid-west and Europe. His bass playing has been recorded on four separate songs with all four members of Living Colour.

He is currently the bass player for

the power rock trio Death Saddle Syndicate

and the Ken Serio Jazz Trio.

Jedd is performing his solo project with bass and electronics for us! Join us on Tuesday for this talented musician!

More Info on Jedd and Upcoming shows!

Klekolo  has a beautiful featured local Jeweler

Neri Handcrafted

“When you wear a piece of Neri Handcrafted jewelry, you are wearing a unique piece of art.

Each design grows from an idea and starts with a pencil in my hand (there’s no way like the old-school way). I use only hand tools for fabrication: a jeweler’s saw to hand-pierce a bird or flower, hammers to create texture and form a shape, and the flame of a torch to construct and set stones.

My design process results in a piece as unique as its wearer. No one will wear the same necklace or ring or bracelet. My designs are evolving, and the stones are personally selected for their rich hues and healing properties.”


Do stop in anytime!

~ Yvette

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