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About Us

Klekolo World Coffee

Since our explosive opening, which rocked Middletown, Connecticut’s social scene, on March 18, 1994, Klekolo World Coffee has fueled an unwavering passion for serving the most exceptional coffee creations.

In the day at Court Street

The Ethics of Coffee: 

As proud torchbearers of organic and fair trade practices, we weave magic into each cup, ensuring that every sip you take supports environmental awareness in coffee production.

At Klekolo World Coffee, we’ve been waving our wands for sustainable and ethical practices long before they became the latest trend.

We are proud to have helped the phrases shade-grown, bird-friendly, organic, and fair trade become big concepts in the coffee industry.

The Art of Exceptional Coffee:

Coffee is not just a mere beverage to us—it’s a whimsical art form that we cherish at every step, from the earth magic of the growing beans to the moment they dance their way into your cup.


Handpicked Perfection: 

We infuse our cafe with a bewitching aura by handpicking coffee beans from multiple award-winning roasters who share our devotion to ethical values and unparalleled excellence.

This ensures that every cup of coffee we serve is truly enchanting.

Spellbinding Espresso:

Prepare to be spellbound by our remarkable espresso! Our espresso is a true masterpiece of magical alchemy, Full of flavors smoothly swirling across your palate, creating a balanced, full-bodied experience topped with a luscious, velvety crema.

Mystical Brew Sanctuary: 

Step into our charming realm, a cozy and inviting space where you can lose yourself in the ethereal aromas and flavors of our specialty coffees and drinks.

Whether you’re meeting a dear friend, embarking on a creative journey, or simply seeking peace and calm, Klekolo is the enchanted haven where you can escape the ordinary and bask in the positive energy of coffee and community.

Klekolo World Coffee, described by Gina Athena Ulysse in Huff Post.

Klekolo Evolution:

Hollie and Yvette

Yes, this photo was taken before cell phones circa 1994. Hollie & Yvette

Let us introduce you to the magical force behind Klekolo World Coffee—Yvette Elliott, our head barista and coffee enchantress.

Yvette joined forces with Hollie Rose, the visionary of klekolo World Coffee, back in 1994

Over 17 captivating years, Yvette played a pivotal role in shaping the essence of Klekolo World Coffee’s energy.

In 2011, she took over ownership from Hollie, who embarked on an exciting and meandering writing career with a side of Professional Decluttering.

See the book Hollie is working on @ Author Hollie Rose.

Together with our talented baristas, Yvette has created a space where coffee lovers gather, connect, and enjoy the wonder of exceptional coffee.

The magic doesn’t end with coffee alone!

Marina & Olivia
Live Music
Frank Critelli and The Not Mikes Photo by Joseph Grunske
First Friday, July 7, 2023 – Do come on by! 💜☕️💜

Art and Music:

Klekolo invites amazing Local Connecticut Artists to showcase their work bi. Monthly in our space.

And when the stars align just right, our space comes alive with the melodies of live local musicians, painting the air with vibrant harmony.


We thank you for choosing Klekolo World Coffee as your place for great coffee. Your warm support and company fill the space with heart. Each sip brings you into our coffee community.

Thank you for embracing Klekolo World Coffee’s unique experience and being authentic.

Your presence enriches our coffee haven and inspires us to continue crafting magical moments in every cup! Come by Klekolo World Coffee at 181 Court Street, Middletown, CT.

Home Brew:

🧹🌟If you dare to dabble in the art of brewing magic at home, you can order our exceptional coffee online.

Embrace the Magic: 

Welcome to our wonderful world, where coffee can create moments of inspiration and wonder. We’re thrilled to have you here with us!

See you soon! ☕️💜☕️

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