The Grimm Generation’s Carmen Champagne and Jason P. Krug , along with Grimm cellist Julie Kay will be appearing at Klekolo World Coffee on September 18th as part of Klekolo’s Tuesday Night Music Series.

Says Jason P. Krug

‘This is gonna be a special night for us.

Somewhere in the way back past (roughly charted as the period between ‘Slanted and Enchanted’ and ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’) I wandered into this new weird coffee place with an exotic name and met the enigmatic and lovely Hollie Rose. And a cup of Black Satin.I stayed for years.”

“The Grimm Generation ( sound has been described as Morning After Music and Radio Songs For Voyeurs though personally described as ‘If Alan Lomax and Ziggy Stardust had a baby’. It’s creepy, suburban pop-noir made and played by creepy suburbanites.”

You want to catch this event!!

Published by Yvette

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