“Shells”, A beautiful art exhibit by AL Kim.

Al Kim is our featured Artist through August. Al has led a varied life of things most folks rarely see. He was in the US Army and a Middletown Police Officer. Being retired, Al has a new career at Eastern Connecticut State University because he has two kids to put through college. Spiral shell byContinue reading ““Shells”, A beautiful art exhibit by AL Kim.”

February at Klekolo World Coffee!

This February Klekolo Features 3 of the Artists from Clockwork Tattoo & Art Gallery. So awesome to have these talented folks work on our walls! Come pick up some prints or original artwork from the Clockwork Tattoo & Art Gallery crew!! (Clockwork Tattoo & Art Gallery Middletown) Artists: Jeff Mansolf (insta: @jeffmansolf ) Leo GonzalezContinue reading “February at Klekolo World Coffee!”

 “Infinite color combinations” is an exhibit by Charlotte Epright at Klekolo World Coffee.

By Charlotte Epright Charlotte Epright is our featured artist through January. (photos do not show the depth or amazingness of these works!) The paintings in this exhibit are done in acrylic and showcase the infinite color combinations and subtleties this painting technique can create. Some feel like the ocean, while others look like rock or space.Continue reading ” “Infinite color combinations” is an exhibit by Charlotte Epright at Klekolo World Coffee.”

Come experience Marina’s strong spirit through her traveling Artist’s eyes. Marina stops in at Klekolo for an exhibit through the month of June.

The main thought that comes to mind when viewing Marina’s art or life is Spirit. Art opening June 13th

Come enjoy listening to Zach Andersen

Zach Andersen is performing at Klekolo World Coffee May 21st what a great talent!

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