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Alex Forest, sharing his smooth sound and southern roots !

Alex Forest

“Alex Forest is a Country Singer/Songwriter with southern roots stationed out of New England. His baritone melodies infused with nostalgic hometown lyrics provide a unique experience that listeners of all genres can appreciate. Influenced by 20th and 21st century artists, you can find elements of Sinatra to Cash to Sheeran within Alex’s music, making him what most likely could be called a Country Crooner with a Bleeding Heart

Alex traverses through the North East creating stories that are evident within his song writing. Life lessons, lost loves, and other experiences are constantly shaping his sound. His latest project, his debut EP: L.O.V.E., is where he puts words to song about breakups, hometowns, and crappy cars. In September 2018, Alex was invited to be a Vineyard Vines Club Artist at Fenway Park in Boston, MA. This past winter and spring Alex was nominated as a Best Country Artist, Singer-Songwriter, and Overall Artist for CTNOW and Best of Hartford Magazine 2019.” From Alex’s Website

Alex is a new Musician for Klekolo we are happy to check his work out.

This Talented Man will be performing

August 13th at 7 pm. @ Klekolo

Do stop on in for some great Live Local Connecticut Music!


Alex definatly has that smooth style and sound.

See where else he is playing and see what he is up to:


Alex Forest – Website





~ Yvette

*quote and photo from Alex Forest’s Website

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